Frequently Asked Questions

cropped-cropped-sweeneyfunerals24.jpgHere is a list of frequently asked questions, if you have any other queries, then please contact us.

Q. Who should I contact first to arrange a funeral?
A. Your funeral director we will make all arrangements on your behalf, liaising with medical personnel, the Church, newspapers, the cemetery or crematorium.  It is best therefore to contact us first.  This will save you further distress at what is already a distressing time.

Q. Do I need a death cert to complete the funeral arrangements?
A. You do not require a death cert if the burial is in the state.

Q. Is it possible to delay the funeral?
A. With modern embalming techniques it is possible to delay a funeral a considerable length of time.

Q. What is a Post Mortem?
A. Where a deceased has not been attending a Doctor or there is no history of illness it is necessary to perform a Post Mortem to ascertain the cause of death.

Q. Can I object to a Post Mortem?
A. If the post mortem has been ordered by the Coroner you cannot object or stop a post mortem.  If the Hospital asks your permission to perform a Post Mortem you are quite entitled to refuse provided that there is a Doctor willing to issue a cause of death cert.

Q. Do I have to pay the Church offerings, cemetery fees, organist, gratuities etc?
A. This is optional but most people find it less stressful to leave payments to the funeral director who will give you an itemised bill at a later stage.

Q. Is Cremation cheaper than burial?
A. As no two funerals are the same, no two funerals cost the same. With cremation you make some saving on not having to buy a burial plot. But internment of the ashes in a cemetery does incur a charge.